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- Weekend wedding photography bookings still available for 2024 moving into 2025. Please get in touch for more details. Weekday and last-minute bookings are also possible depending on venue location.

- Many wedding bookings already this year, along with my own wedding to plan!
- A promotional push has commenced as of January, with features in Time, Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding Magazine, and other online venues.

- A new year and a catalogue of new ideas to get through! Working closely with Arts England on evolving the I Am Project is the main objective so stay tuned for details in coming months :)

- Talking watches and photography, listen to Rikki and I have a chat on the latest Scottish Watches podcast!
- With Covid-19 steadily drawing to a close and restrictions easing even further, things feel more normal than ever before!
- The Coastal Collective has launched! I have taken position as the in-house phoographer providing my services to not only members with speciald iscounts, but all people and businesses alike. Check it out and maybe even become a member of the collective!
- The I Am Project will resume soon too, a few tweaks to the idea are in the works and I am super hyped to share more details as things kick back into gear :-)

- The I Am Project is now live!

- April: Isle of Wight bridal dress style shoot complete. Album here!
- April: Neowin review of the Samsung Galaxy S10e
- The I Am Project is now live!

- March: Wightlink Ferries Woof Awards goes live with my dog portraits!

- November: Shortlisted for the British Photography Awards 2019
- September: Featured article in Brides Magazine about real brides
- August: National Geographic story published featuring one of my photos :)

- March: Mini project with bridal wear portraiture started. First dresses featured by Susan's of Gosport!


- Wedding photography feature at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
- Sigma France featured a group portrait on their tumblr feed!


- Guest article on PetaPixel: This is Why You Need to Dress Up When You Shoot Weddings
- Social networking: BMW direct shared one of my photos!

- "I Replaced My Dual Screen Editing Setup with a 34-Inch 34401440 LG Monitor" - Guest article on PetaPixel
- Robbie Khan's 2 BE OR NOTB album art with portraits taken by me out! View the cover here.
- Broadcast Magazine featured one of my National Film & TV School backstage live recording photographs in an advert promoting the school in the April 4th issue. You can view the image and advert here!


- Canada vacation photos viewable on the sections above or all as one on facebook.
- Canada wedding shoot complete! (November) - Photos on Facebook.
- Finland wedding shoot complete! (March) - Photos on my Facebook.

- End Of The World Photo Exhibition complete, thanks to Wes for the hard work sorting it all out, check out info and pics here.
- London Street Photography session complete, what great fun it was! Check the pics on Facebook!
- Article in The News published about our Urbex adventures! Read about it here.
- Invited to enroll a selection of imagery to Getty Images and become a contributor, very chuffed with this opportunity!
- First low light backstage live recording shoot at NFTS uploaded and proving a big hit on  Facebook

- Featured album cover photography for the band Kodiak Jack. Picture here.


- A DIY Dashboard Mount guide I made and created an article on got published on Lifehacker and is due to be published in Popular Science Magazine (PopSCI)
- Portchester Castle panoramic published in BBC History Magazine (March 2010 issue, Vol:11 No:3) (view).

- Stepping Stones weekend classes, teaching photography & media editing techniques to academic students & organisers.
- Events photographer for ClubDTV on regular Friday nights.

- Duracell Recharge competition (source scan ) if link is offline):
- Published in The Independent Magazine with other runners up on
20th September 2008.
- The Rowans Hospice Abseil Challenge fundraiser.

- Promo shots for DJ Jon Gurd used in Rendition DJ Magazine- viewed here.
- Promo portraits for Jay Cox, check out his music and also profile for portraits - check out here.
- Postcards on sale throughout Fareham & Portsmouth (see for more info).

- World Health Organisation short contract completed.
- Sparkling Accessories catalogue photography.

- 2nd short contract with the World Health Org for Water Hazard Risks publication.
- Stash Magazine stock photography.
- 2nd Exhibition displaying portraiture @ The Photo Shop.

- Regional paper "The News" feature themed around the below exhibition - can be viewed here.
- 1st exhibition displaying local life & landscapes @ The Photo Shop (Gosport).